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the water resource center at wpi is made up of a wide range of experts who take an interdisciplinary approach to serving the needs of the state, nation, and globe.


  • john bergendahl (Civil & Environmental engineering): drinking water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • terri camesano (chemical engineering):  water bacteriology, environmental engineering
  • abigail charest (civil and environmental engineering, phd candidate):  water resources management planning
  • aaron deskins (chemical engineering): computational chemistry applied to organics adsorption and oxidation reactions
  • nikolaos kazantzis (chemical engineering): techno-economic performance assessment of environmental and energy technology systems, risk analysis, process safety
  • paul mathisen (Civil & Environmental engineering): contaminant transport modeling, water resources management, stormwater management
  • aaron sakulich (civil and environmental engineering):  sustainable materials, appropriate technology
  • nima rahbar (civil and environmental engineering):  sustainable and bio-inspired materials 


  • drew brodeur (Chemistry & Biochemistry): Detection and removal of Triclosan
  • shawn burdette (Chemistry & Biochemistry):  Detection of metal pollutants/sensor development
  • luca capogna (mathematical sciences):  mathematical modeling
  • germano iannacchione (physics):  new sensor technology for pollutants
  • chris lambert (Chemistry & Biochemistry):  Cold flame technology, remediation of unsaturated hydrocarbons
  • reeta prusty rao (Biology & Biotechnology):  Identification of microbial contaminants
  • burt s. tilley (mathematical sciences): mathematical modeling, computational modeling
  • vadim yakovlev (mathematical sciences):  multiphysics modeling


  • laureen elgert (Social science & policy Studies):  Environment and development, sustainable development, politics and environment
  • isa bar-on (mechanical engineering):  policy level systems modeling, health care
  • corey denenberg dehner (Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division):  Storm water, drinking water, environmental justice and dam removal policies
  • scott jiusto (Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division):  Sustainability, water sanitation and management
  • robert krueger (Social science & policy Studies):  Urban sustainability, comparative policy analysis and environmental justice
  • christopher scarpino (mechanical engineering):  policy
  • khalid saeed (Social science & Policy Studies):  policy system dynamics
  • andrew trapp (school of business):  biomedicine and health care, sustainability and environment