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within wpi’s life sciences and bioengineering center, the microscopy core provides the opportunity to image live, fixed, and fluorescently-labeled samples using one of several available core instruments. core staff are available to provide guidance and training. the instruments are available for external use on a fee-for-service basis. please contact us to discuss your project.

the microscopy core instrumentation includes:

leica sp5 point scanning confocal microscope:

leica tcs sp5 spectral confocal

inverted leica dmi 6000 cs microscope base with a conventional scanhead

z-galvo stage for z-stacks and 3d-projections

objectives: 10x dry (0.4na), 20x multi-immersion (0.7na), 40x oil (1.25na) and a 63x oil (1.4na)

objectives are coverslip corrected for a #1.5 coverslip (approx. 170um)

4 lasers and a total of 7 laser lines provide flexibility for fluorophore excitation

lasers: a 405 diode, an argon gas that covers laser lines 458,476,488 and 514, and a 561 diode and a 633 hene gas single line

separate workstation for image analysis and post-processing with a copy of the leica software

zeiss axiovert 200m microscope:

workhorse microscope capable of multifluorescence imaging

filter module with filter sets for: hoecsht/dapi, fitc/488/gfp and texas red/594

inverted microscope base

brightfield, phase contrast and dic optics

zeiss axiocam mrm ccd camera, zeiss axiovision software, motorized stage

objectives: 10x a-plan (10x/0.25 ph1); 20x ld plan-neofluar (20x/0.4 ph2 korr); 20x plan-neofluar (20x/0.50 dic ii); 40x ec plan-neofluar (40x/1.3 oil infinity/0.17 dic iii); a 40x ld plan-neofluor (40x/0.6 ph2 korr infinity/0-1.5); and a 63x plan-apo chromat (63x/1.4 oil dic iii infinity/0.17)

tmc micro-g antivibration table

in addition, we have several pieces of accessory equipment for available for use:

2 eppendorf transfer man nk2 micromanipulators

burleigh piezo

patch-clamp electrophysiology

sutter micropipette puller (model p-87)

narishige micro-forge mf-900

leica wild m3z dissecting microscope

wild heerbrugg dissecting microscope